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  1. Alison’s gifts are so strong that she can provide her healing and wisdom to you long distance, in my case, over the phone. I found myself needing a way through a situation and couldn’t find my inner wisdom to deal with it in the higher way I wanted to. Alison diagnosed where my stress was and then with her calm and healing voice, she used her grounding techniques to bring me deep peace and the ability to “see” my way out of the problem. She also gave me a practical exercise to help me fully move on. I am so grateful for Alison’s gifts. She’s the real deal. And she is compassion and wisdom personified.

  2. Daphne Greer
    I have been on the receiving end of Alison’s healing gifts on more than one occasion, each time I’ve been left with a feeling of peace and calm. But, I want to speak about a recent situation where I was blown away by the effects of Alison’s ability to create a powerful sense of peace within myself in a very short period of time. A few weeks ago I launched my first young adult novel. Prior to people arriving I felt sick to my stomach and mentioned to Alison that I was not feeling well. She simply put her hands on my shoulders and rested them there for approximately ten minutes while she sent me healing reiki energy. When people arrived I was calm and relaxed – so much so that when I gave my speech I was completely at ease and was not nervous at all. When I was about to do a reading from my book I noticed Alison in the crowd and it dawned on me why I was so at peace – so I told the crowd about the benefits of reiki right then and there. It truly is a gift.

  3. I have the great privilege of being able to call Alison a friend and a co-worker. I had worked at Community Living Peterborough with Alison for a year before being aware of what Reiki was and she offered to give me a treatment.
    Alison and another friend gave me my first ever Reiki treatment just over a year ago and it was a gift for which I will be forever grateful. Since that first treatment I feel my life has shifted to a much more positive place and it was an experience I will never forget. I was hooked after my first experience and have been fortunate enough to be able to continue my Reiki and forgiveness work with Alison. I struggle with depression and working with Alison has helped me make leaps and bounds with how I can handle my situation.
    Alison creates a relaxed atmosphere whenever you’re in her presence. She is one of the kindest, gentlest people you may ever meet. When I had my first Reiki treatment it was a time in my life where I had been attempting to chase one of my life dreams of being a stand-up comic.
    Since that treatment, as I continue to work with Alison, doors are opening and I have had some amazing experiences. I am feeling so much stronger. I was on stage in front of 200 people at Trent University in a room where I had slept through many a lecture and I had, what is safe to say, my best show to date. I am used to doing on average 8 to 10 minutes a set and that night, in front of 200 people, I did 23 minutes that was packed with laughter and who was there to say, “Great show!” afterwards? Alison and her son Michael.
    I can safely say that my life has been truly blessed because Alison has shared her friendship as well as her gifts and talents with me. I highly recommend that you try a Reiki treatment with Alison – you won’t regret it.

  4. I had a Reiki treatment with Alison on June 11 and I felt so relaxed. Alison is so amazing. She told me there was a strong presence of someone in the room with us and all I could think of was my mom. She passed away 15 years ago in Edmonton. She told me what I needed to hear. What a high I was feeling for the rest of the evening. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. I actually started laughing at what I was told by my mom.
    I would definitely go for another treatment and highly recommend Alison. I slept so soundly last night.

    • Got another treatment of ‘reiki’ and the feeling I felt was so relaxing. I could lay in bed all by myself with music, candles, or even sit in a bubble bath; but not have that kind of relaxed feeling. I was so at peace.
      I was having conversations with loved ones and not so loved ones. I have closure with them.
      Even with one of my fears; I’ve been told not to worry. I have a strong protection. A guardian angel. It’s truely a tremendous super high feeling of love and positive energy. Love it and can’t wait for the next treatment.

  5. I can’t add any more to the testimonials that are already here. I’ve known all this to be true of Alison for nearly the last 15 yrs and I’m so honoured to be writing something about her work here. Her journey to Reiki and Forgiveness coaching has resulted in a mature, calm, and empowering presence she brings to all her interactions but especially in session with clients. Her Forgiveness work is challenging to say the least and she can push you but with gentle understanding of how hard it may be to forigve those who have disappointed or hurt us in the past. My session with Alison was forgiving a biggie in life and she guided me expertly and compassionately. It is an evolving process but there is never any question that I am emotionally and psychically in safe hands with Alison. Either Reiki or Forgiveness work with her will benefit almost anyone and I would encourage you to try it.

  6. Wow! I have known Alison for awhile now, but had my first Reiki treatment from her yesterday. I had a car accident in Florida about 2 weeks ago. Hurt my back and neck and sweet Alison offered to give me a treatment. I have had a couple of other treatments from 2 other Reiki Masters that I know, but this is the first time I actually had a healing. I mean the pain that I had in my lower back and neck…is GONE! In one treatment. Alison has such a caring and warm technique that the energy was peaceful and I knew something was happening. She seemed to know where to go with each movement to heal each pain. It was truly an amazing experience for me. I cannot say enough about the gift that Alison has. I am truly greatful to you Alison for the relief that you have given me and will be recommending you to everyone I know. You are doing exactly what you were meant to do Alison. HEAL.
    Thanks with Love and gratitude Alison my friend!

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