Alison’s warm and compassionate nature lends itself well to her ability to make people feel safe and understood. With her background in social work and her own personal history of loss and forgiveness, Alison brings to her practice an innate skill of what she refers to as deep listening – listening with her heart.

Alison is a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, a Reiki Master, has a Diploma in Social Work as well as some training in Shamanic Psychotherapy. In addition to her natural gifts, she uses these combined modalities to assist her clients in moving blocked energy and thereby helping to restore health and well being.

Alison is a trained hospice volunteer and, through Hospice Peterborough, offers Reiki treatments to clients, family members and caregivers. For further information, please contact Paula Greenwood or Marg Rose at Hospice Peterborough. Tel: (705)742-4042


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