Radical Forgiveness™ vs
Traditional Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness™ is a beautiful alternative to traditional forgiveness, providing the tools with which to shift perception in order to see that not only does everything happen for a reason but that everything that does happen can be seen as an asset to one’s life journey. Blaming someone else, feeling a victim of someone else’s behavior can be exhausting and perpetuates a feeling of powerlessness. With this shift, we see that there is nothing to forgive.

Learning how to see the perfection and the benefits of the events that have come up in life provides an amazing sense of freedom and personal empowerment. The process can be simple and instantaneous. No matter how complicated you feel your story is, if you surrender to the tools and the steps and most importantly are willing to have a radical change in your life, it can happen so quickly that you will be amazed at how your life has suddenly become your own. When you no longer hold anyone else responsible for how you feel, the journey of life truly begins.

My vision is to see everyone finding self love through the process of becoming personally empowered. With no fingers to point, we see each other through eyes of true love and radical forgiveness.

What to expect from a Forgiveness session with Alison:

Forgiveness work is intensely personal, “energetic” and intuitive; as such, each client’s experience is unique. Whatever your orientation to your healing journey, Alison will help you to find ways to invite ease and harmony into your life.

Alison begins each session with a prayer, or invocation, to set the intention for the collaborative healing work of forgiveness that she and her client will do together.

With her heart, Alison listens to her client as he or she shares the issues and concerns that brought him or her to this work.

In addition to her training and abilities, Alison brings to her sessions the work of Colin Tipping and his Radical Forgiveness™ process, founded on the principles of A Course in Miracles. She may offer her client a worksheet to assist him or her to, among other things, discern the “facts” of the issues being brought forward from the “story”, such as the beliefs the client has of the situation. Separating the facts from the story is a key component of Radical Forgiveness™ and Alison acts as a guide. As well, familiar patterns of behaviour may emerge informing her client of where he or she is “triggered” in relationships. During the session, Alison will access a menu of ‘tools’ which may include guided meditation, intuitive inquiry, gentle breath-work as well as the energetic healing modality of Reiki.

In one session, or more if required, Alison will assist her client in recognizing the person or situation at hand as a gift of learning and a path towards healing.

The session closes with a prayer or invocation giving deep thanks for the healing that took place.

Should you be feeling “stuck” and wish to move through a situation that is causing upset in your life, please book an appointment with Alison. Sessions can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone.

$65.00 per hour


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