The Power of Reiki

During a stopover on a Porter Air flight to Halifax in March of 2012, an anxious passenger was boarding the plane with the assistance of a Porter escort. I happened to be in the forward cabin at the time and was immediately aware that the  passenger was distraught and very upset. Without giving it a second thought, I approached  the Porter staff attending the passenger and shared that I practiced Reiki and could I be of assistance. She was eager for me to step in and do what I could to help the passenger feel more settled, safe and calm. I addressed the passenger and asked  her if I could place my hands on her shoulders. Between tears and gasps she said yes. Within minutes she was amazed at how calm she had become and was able to tell me that she did not like flying and had not flown in over 30 years. I continued to give her Reiki until take-off.


Once we were in the air, one of the crew came to my seat and thanked me profusely, saying that I was a ‘Godsend’ and expressed her deep gratitude for being able to help their passenger and could I be booked for every flight!  I in turn expressed how grateful I was to have been able to make a difference with my gift and to help others.

A short time later, the other crew member approached me and asked me if I would be able to help a passenger in the rear of the cabin who was on his way to St. John’s to be with his 17 year old son who was dying of a rare and recently diagnosed disease. I went and sat with the passenger and gave him Reiki. He said that he felt a calm that he had never experienced before, that he could feel it moving through his entire body.

The crew were so appreciative and insisted on giving me a bottle of wine as a gesture of their deep gratitude. I was tickled and delighted!

Once in Halifax, while waiting for our luggage, the first passenger came up to me and thanked me again and expressed how thrilled she was at feeling so calm and relaxed. I was so happy for her.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

What does the word Reiki mean?

Reiki is a Japanese word derived from ray (“divine wisdom”) and ke (“life-force energy”).

What is the cost of a Reiki treatment?

$65.00 per one hour treatment.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

During a treatment, you will lie down on the massage table fully clothed. You’ll likely be most comfortable with your eyes closed, a warm blanket on top of you, and, if you wish, soft music playing in the background. The Reiki practitioner will place her hands on or near your body, as it is most comfortable for you; each position is held for several minutes. A typical Reiki treatment lasts about one hour.

Is Reiki safe for children?

Absolutely. As with adults, Reiki can be extremely beneficial for babies, children and youth.

Is Reiki safe for animals?

Yes. Again, Reiki can be very beneficial in helping to restore health and well-being to animals, plants and all living things.

How will I feel after my Reiki treatment?

Although it differs for everyone, most people report a general feeling of calm and alertness after a Reiki treatment; you may feel so relaxed that you feel a bit ‘spaced out’. It is a good idea to give yourself time to relax after a treatment; as well, it is beneficial to drink plenty of water. A general sense of overall well-being is normally the most predominant feeling; others report a lessening of pain.

What can Reiki do?

According to the Reiki philosophy, the life force is the primary source of nourishment for the cells and organs of the body. Disturbances in this field, also called the aura, are thought to be the cause of illness. Reiki practitioners act as mediums by channeling life-force energy through their hands at various positions on the body or within the general aura of a client, tapping into the client’s core sense of well being, or innate wisdom, to know exactly where to place their hands. By releasing energy blocks, Reiki helps reestablish the natural flow of life force and thus helps restore a person to physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Anecdotal research has shown that clients have reported feeling more balanced, less pain, less stressed, less emotional, having more vitality, getting better sleep, having more ease of movement, etc. The benefits of Reiki can last anywhere from several days to several weeks, or in some cases, one Reiki treatment can settle a re-occurring issue entirely. It is important to remember that while some clients report immediate benefit, others may need many more treatments; as with any alternative therapy that does not involve chemical medications, healing takes commitment and patience. Some clients will see immediate benefits while for others it may take more time.

How many treatments will I need?

It is entirely up to you. Many people feel a benefit from one treatment while others enjoy the feeling so much they want more. If you are receiving Reiki to reduce stress and restore balance, you may wish to have a treatment once or twice a month. If you are looking to resolve a chronic health issue, once or twice a week until it is resolved may be best. You will know in short order how your body is responding to Reiki.

What kind of training does one need to practice Reiki?

There are many institutes in Canada that offer Reiki training – the Canadian Reiki Association, the Reiki Training Centre of Canada, Reiki masters, etc. All of them offer Level I, Level II, and Reiki Master Courses. These courses focus on the history of Reiki, Reiki principles, ethics, and Reiki symbols, healing attunements, personal development and much more. Each level includes a theoretical side as well as a practicum.

Is Reiki a religion?

No. Reiki is a wonderful modality that can complement any religion. It is a form of energy balancing that focuses on personal healing. Practitioners of Reiki come from many different religions and spiritual beliefs.


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